Residential Solar Panel Systems

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We specializes in PV arrays, back-up generators, back-up-and-load-shifting battery systems, as well as EV chargers.

Powering Homes / Empowering Homeowners

Solar is more affordable than ever, and as installation costs come down, the benefits of solar for your home, your lifestyle and community are more accessible than ever, too. ​

Inter Solar team of professionals provides cost effective and clean, renewable energy to homeowners and their communities. Join to our community of solar-powered homeowners.

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Benefits of Solar

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Reduces dependence

on fossil fuels

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Solar may provide energy to your home

when the power is out

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Adds resale value

to your home

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​Performs better than an Individual

Retirement Account (IRA)

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Alternative energy leaves a legacy

of environmental sustainability to future generations

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26% Individual Federal Tax Credit*

(Fades after 2020)

American Quality

We are proud supporters of panels that have been designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. Our panels are certified and surpass industry standard regulations, providing excellent performance over the long-term.

5-Year Limited Roofing Penetration Warranty.

We warrant Your roof against damage and water infiltration at each roofing penetration made by Group Solar USA installers in connection with the installation of the System.

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Best Quality

Micro Inverters

The Enphase system is more than an industry-changing innovation. It’s a complete solution designed to make solar simpler and smarter, for installers and homeowners. Maximizing your energy production is reason enough to get excited about the Enphase system.

But technology that makes it easy to see exactly how well your system is performing, and to install, maintain and monitor your customers’ systems? That’s how we’re changing the future of solar.

Micro inverters operate independently to generate more energy and greater cost savings than string inverters.

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User Friendly

Enlighten and APPs

With the Enphase MyEnlighten web application, you can track your overall energy and per-panel energy production data, monitor your system’s health, and share your data with family and friends, all from a simple, easy-to-use interface.

With the Enphase Enlighten mobile app, you can check your system’s status at-a-glance without scrolling and still dive into the details of your system’s health and performance, per-panel production all while on-the-go.

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Stay Tuned

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