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Residential Solar Panel Systems. Save your environment and your finances by powering your home with clean, renewable energy.

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Clean energy solutions that adapt to your home's needs.

At Intersolar we are committed to the development of a world with zero greenhouse gas emissions. Solar power brings the perfect opportunity to do so, and empowers each individual to contribute to this cause, with a tangible impact.

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It’s never been more affordable to own a solar power system

Switching to solar energy is finally easy and affordable. The State of Illinois is aiming for 25% renewable energy, which is why they are providing incentives for Illinois residents and industries to invest in solar energy.

When you purchase a solar power system for your home, you may be eligible to receive a 26% federal tax credit in addition to earning Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC), so you earn money back on the solar power you use.

Save money on your electric bill, improve the value of your home, and reduce your carbon footprint by switching to solar energy today.

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The Environmental Impact of Solar Energy

What does going solar mean for our environment?

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Trees Planted

Per 16kWh DC System

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Barrels of Gas not consumed

Per 16kWh DC System

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Vehicles Off The Road

Per 16kWh DC System

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See what your home looks like with solar

InterSolar currently creates thousands of solar designs per week for our customers. Now we can create thousands per second.

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